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Dr. Donna Sears is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the F.C. Manning School of Business at Acadia University. Her research focuses on hedonic consumption experiences, particularly related to wine consumers and wine tourism. She has presented her work at various conferences such as Advances in Consumer Research, Academy of Wine Business Research, Wine & Culinary Tourism Futures Conference, Society for Marketing Advances, and International Wine Tourism Conference. She has also chaired the Atlantic Schools of Business Conference (2017). Dr. Sears often works with organizations in the community and regularly presents her work to community groups.

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twitter: @donnajsears

Dr. Terrance Weatherbee is a Professor in the F.C. Manning School of Business at Acadia University.  He has spent the last several years trying to understand the wine and wine tourism industry by way of two intersecting research curiosities.  From an organizational theoretic perspective he is interested in investigating the implications of wineries as complex and unique forms of businesses as wineries do not easily fit into any one standard business classification or model; they may simultaneously be a farm operation, a production or manufacturing facility, a retail space, or a tourist destination.  From an historiographic perspective he is interested in how wineries and the wine/wine tourism industry in the emergent and cool-climate region of Nova Scotia use history as a resource for market differentiation and legitimation.